Next Success In Comics seminar slated for February

Just got word from Bill Kellogg that he and Tundra creator Chad Carpenter are planning for another Success In Comics seminar. Once again to keep costs low for participants, they’re looking at Las Vegas in February. They haven’t ruled out an east coast venue at a later date.

The seminar will follow the same format as last time – eight guest speakers touching on a ranging from topics from web comics, editorial cartoonists to comic strip strips. Like last time, he hopes to have a syndicate representative from one of the larger syndicates on hand to review portfolios and speak about syndication. I’m sure he and Chad will talk about their success in self-syndication.

I’ll post more details as they become available.

7 thoughts on “Next Success In Comics seminar slated for February

  1. This is well worth going to. A lot of fun, fellowship and very informative! Glad Chad, Bill, et al are doing it again. In ebay words A+++ I highly recommend. 😉

  2. I attended the first event in 2009 and I highly recommend it. It really opened my eyes to the industry and helped me make some important decisions on where I was at with my cartoons.

  3. If you missed the first one, don’t miss THIS one! Not only do you meet folks who are in the biz, but you gain valuable nuggets of info… like which printers are good for book printing… how pagination works… and we got to meet Amy Lago of the Washington Post Writers Group. C’mon! This is good stuff!
    (Hi, Shawn & Rich!)

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