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More of Watterson’s Mark Twain cartoons

Yesterday’s post regarding Bill Watterson’s Mark Twain cartoons caught the eye of Nevin Martell, the author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip (my review of Nevin’s book). He passes a long a few more of the cartoons that he’s collected.

He notes that the cartoon below features the a preview of pre-haircut version of Calvin. Nevin says that the original Calvin had a mop-top cut that covered his eyes, but Lee Salem suggested Bill “chop it down to the spiky, ruffled style that became one of Calvin’s many hallmarks.”

Here are a few more. Click for larger version.

Thanks Nevin for the images! If you’ve not read his book, it’s worth a read.

Community Comments

#1 Frank White
@ 4:13 am

I must say I enjoyed this more , looser,cartoony style of Wattersons that he aso had throughout the first Calvin and Hobbes book, then it got more controlled a line over the rest of the series….

#2 Terry LaBan
@ 8:46 am

Very Oliphant.

#3 jack whitby
@ 5:14 pm

I love his painting of Petey but it is also dissapointing. Watterson is(was?) a cartoonist, someone who combines art and writing together which transcends both. He may be getting his artisic needs being met by his paintings but how on earth is he fulfilling the void within him by not producing any writing?
I read in his 10 year anniversary collection that he learned to become a writer in order to draw for a living. Presumably his art has always took first place within his life before any writing.
Remember to make a good cartoon/comic strip good writing and so-so art is better than good art and so-so (or no) writing.

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