Tom Richmond’s official 2011 NCS Reuben art

MAD Mag cartoonist Tom Richmond was once again tapped to create this year’s NCS Reuben art for the brochure. He writes:

Having just received my official 2011 NCS Reuben’s Weekend brochure in the mail yesterday, I would say it’s okay to share the artwork I did for it and this year’s Reuben’s T-Shirt. NCS president Jeff Keane had me do an illustration this year that worked on both the t-shirt and the brochure, which means a lot of cartoon characters. Therefore we didn’t include any of the guest speakers this time around, but limited the “real people” to master of ceremonies Tom Gammill, NCS Gold Key Award (the NCS Hall of Fame) winner Roy Doty, the 2011 Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award recipient R.O. Blechman, and Cartoonist of the Year nominees Glenn Keane, Stephan Pastis and Richard Thompson.This year’s Reubens will be held in Boston, MA.

Check it out. Always fun to see the cartoonists caricatured.

11 thoughts on “Tom Richmond’s official 2011 NCS Reuben art

  1. This might be a dumb question, but here goes. Does Tom redraw every representative comic strip and panel character within the new layout or does he import scans of the original cartoonist’s artwork? Inquiring minds and all that. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

    T. Brian- what I do for these NCS illustrations is search for images of the comic strip characters that are reasonably close to what I want for the specific image, then I redraw them myself attempting to capture as much of the style of the creator as I can. With some characters I am more successful than others at that. The rest I fake.

    Actually there is one character in this image that is copied and pasted in from an original by the creator, as I had a little extra room on that side and had forgotten to add this particular one in. Care to guess which?

    Space was more limited in this one than the one I did for the New Orleans’ Reubens a few years ago, so there are a lot of characters I would have loved to put in that I couldn’t unless I wanted the image to become so busy as to be unreadable (it’s close as it is). I started with the legends and the classics, then the past Reuben CotY winners, then those of this year’s nominees, then the ones I am most familiar with that run in my papers here in the Twin Cities, then the ones from the cartoonists who happened to make a large donation to my blog with very suspicious timing, and a few people I owe money to. I lament not fitting in the rest.

  3. This is a great piece of artwork, so true to the characters!

    BUT…am I just missing it or is Charlie Brown missing? I see only Snoopy to represent “Peanuts.” Good grief!

  4. Hi. Forgot to check back. Is it Nancy on the left hand side? Congratulations on the NCS Presidency BTW. You are great.

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