Profiled: Jan Eliot and feminism in Stone Soup

Women’s Voices for Change has posted a profile of Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot and the feminism injected into her comic.

And feminist. At its heart, “Stone Soup” is about three generations of strong women and their connection with and support for each other, covering topics from preteen angst to ageism. Eliot’s characters often use humor to cope. Unlike “Cathy,” Joan and Val don’t respond to life’s challenges with an overwhelmed “Aaak,” but with a wisecrack. Eliot, who has a degree in Women’s Studies, has given us a strip illustrating exactly how “sisterhood is powerful.”

2 thoughts on “Profiled: Jan Eliot and feminism in Stone Soup

  1. Thanks for spreading the word about my profile of Jan Eliot. I used to publish collections of cartoons by women. Now I’m writing profiles of women cartoonists and reviews of cartoon collections by women (and by men too.) (I’m currently working on a review of Liza Donnelly’s When Do They Serve The Wine? I’ve always taken cartooning (and humor in general) seriously and do what I can to get the word out about the work that I love.

  2. ?People don?t age, babies and dogs have wise thoughts, it always snows at Christmas. Men and women respect each other as equals, race doesn?t matter, everyone is healthy.”

    Love her world. 🙂

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