Rob Rogers covers Super Bowl XLV

Still can’t find any cartoons Joe Heller, the editorial cartoonist in Green Bay, however Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers was down in Dallas to cover the game. He’s posted several cartoons that he drew during the game.

Seven cartoons in all. Last won captioned with this explanation:

Oh, great! Here I was sitting in Cowboys Stadium trying to come up with metaphors and images for a defeated piece of cheese. I was thinking of fondue to show how the Steelers melted Green Bays hopes of taking the Lombardi Trophy back home. I thought of cheese in a can, like Cheese Whiz. That would have been a good visual. I thought about an image for cutting the cheese, but we all know that would’ve been too juvenile. I finally came up with an image I really liked. A grilled cheese sandwich shaped like a number seven that’s just been grilled. The caption was simply, “Grilled Cheese.” It was perfect … until Green Bay won.

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