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Tom Toles caption contest nets 2,000 entries

Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles ran a cartoon caption contest that netted nearly 2,000 entries.

What I was looking for was an entry that took some portion of the drawing and teased out from that a thought-provoking caption that seemed to belong in the cartoon. Humor always a big plus. The winning caption seemed, on balance, to have achieved this best. But lots of other entries were great, and it was interesting to see how many different ways people went with this. A sampling: 149 entries referenced homeowners or the nation being “underwater,” 127 entries mentioned the national debt or deficit, 56 entries talked about global warming or climate change, 23 entries cited BP, and nine entries mentioned WikiLeaks.

Tom posts his top 10 favs. The last one in the slideshow is the winner.

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