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Mexican cartoonists launch anti-drug violence campaign

The Latin American Herald Tribune reports that several best known Mexican cartoonists will inscribe “No + sangre” and “Basta de Sange” (“no blood” and “enough blood”) in their comics on Monday to call attention to the drug-related violence in their country.

The idea is to use “a common cartoon that calls on people to join this initiative and stop being quiet and keeping their arms crossed, to get them to express themselves in some way,” Rius, who organized the campaign, said.

Members of Congress and governors “keep quiet, allowing this situation to grow,” the cartoonist said.

Community Comments

#1 Henry Clausner
@ 3:14 pm

how do you say…”don’t cross the border illegally” in spanish..?

@ 1:00 pm

Mr. Xenophobic

You should take spanish lessons. It is good for your brain. But maybe is too much for you. The translation is: ” No cruce la frontera ilegalmente”.

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