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Fox airs Bob’s Burgers to mixed reviews

Last night was the debut of “Bob’s Burgers” on the Fox Network.

The Boston Globe gave it a favorable write-up:

“Bob’s Burgers” has a more sharply offbeat sensibility than its more pop-culture rooted Sunday night neighbors, veering between absurd, endearing, and crude – which fits with the avant stand-up stylings of folks like Schaal and Mirman. Some folks may feel the edges are a bit too sharp, including jokes about autism, child molesters, and, of course, the aforementioned potential cannibalism. The general gross-out factor – often a staple of adult-aimed animation – looks like it will be moderate. (Some may balk at the itchy crotch, but it was a gooey salival kissing bit that did me in.)

Hollywood reporter wasn’t impressed – often citing the same jokes as the Boston Globe:

Unfortunately, those jokes dominated the pilot. It feels like a bunch of comics playing to the back of the room — where all of the other comics are watching. It’s as if dragging out the autism and child molestation jokes is some how-daring-am-I attempt to walk the room. See how fearlessly funny we are, destroying taboos! It might be funny to otherwise jaded stand-up comedians and 14-year-old boys, but it’s probably not going to play to most people. Fox, which is trying to energize it’s comedy development department (“Raising Hope” is spot-on), seems to believe that “Bob’s” would only be a good fit between “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” if it played the crass card. If Fox is, indeed, pushing “Bob’s Burgers” in that direction and encouraging the writing staff to be like “Family Guy,” it’s a creative misstep. Why? Because it’s too easy. And it’s overdone — on the same network. It would be better if the writers tried to be more original. Or just tried harder.

NY Daily News gave it 2 out of 5 stars. USA Today was much harsher giving it 1/2 stars out of 4.

Anyone see it?

Community Comments

#1 Jesse Cline
@ 11:19 am

I really enjoy Home Movies and I wanted to like this show, but it fell pretty flat. I usually like crude and absurd jokes, but some of them felt forced and were too nasty. A burger special called “the child molester – with free candy!” made me laugh, but the line of jokes with the little girl having an “itchy crotch” were just disgusting.

And the characters all look like Otter Pops:

#2 mike witmer
@ 11:23 am

I watched about 7 minutes before turning the channel.

#3 Stephen Beals
@ 12:38 pm

Are the fine folks at Fox News aware of what’s running on the Fox Network?

#4 Mrs. T
@ 12:52 pm

Like above, really wanted to like it but no go. Hints of Sweeney Todd meets Adut Swim. If they keep it, best bet to move it to the 930 slot.

#5 Darryl Heine
@ 2:14 pm

Bob’s Burgers was mediocre, despite some flatulent phrases and the episode dealing with HUMAN FLESH (VOMITROCIOUS!) in the burger meat.

Let FOX stick with The Simpsons and Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.

#6 dave nelson
@ 3:17 pm

It had its moments. While an itchy crotch joke is pretty gross, I thought it was pretty appropriate in making Bob’s efforts at his Grand re-re-re-opening that much more of a nightmare. That said, It doesn’t feel like a show that will last once all the food preparation jokes are played out.

#7 Charles Brubaker
@ 10:03 pm

I didn’t hate it. I like H. Jon Benjamin’s deadpan voice and some of the jokes made me laugh (“It’s my birthday?” “YES!”). Although my complaint is that TWO of the female characters are obviously voiced by guys. They didn’t even try to sound feminine.

I think I’ll check next week’s.

#8 mke crachiolo
@ 10:20 pm

jokes about child molestation are never funny this show should be cancelled right now and those that think this type of humor is funny are a bunch of sickoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#9 david essman
@ 11:19 pm

More interesting the the Cleveland show… although the fart megaphone got annoying fast

I found it odd that for a show about food, none of the characters seem to have teeth.

Louise(the daughter with the bunny ears hat) voiced by Kristen Schaal is the best part of the show.

#10 Jesse Cline
@ 11:57 pm


I’ve been called much worse.

#11 dave nelson
@ 7:26 am

@charles, I agree. The male voices on the girls was distracting.
@Mike, Molestation of any living thing isn’t funny. Neither is cannibalism, murder, abduction, thievery, bullying, physical or mental illness, heartbreak or heavy periods. But safely avoiding them doesn’t leave us with much to satirize.

#12 Jason Dodge
@ 11:18 am

I guess I’m in the minority here. I actually found most of the show amusing, and thought there were a few hilarious moments. I like the deadpan delivery… though they should get get an actual female to voice the female characters (apologies to Bea Arthur if that was her)…

#13 Jason Dodge
@ 11:19 am

Just as a quick aside it may have been because I expected to dislike the show. I saw the promos and thought it looked kinda dumb. I happened to have it on as background noise while I was drawing and got sucked in.

#14 Thomas Boatwright
@ 6:28 pm

Ive been a fan of the creative team since they were doing Squiggle Vision (Dr Kats, Science Court, Home Movies). I recognized the same type of humor in those shows in this one. I wasnt expecting to like it, but by the end I loved it.

The guys as girls thing has been around since Monty Python and Kids in the Hall. Well I guess Milton Berle and Flip Wilson were doing it before, but its a type of joke.

#15 JJ Jason
@ 11:24 pm

I LOVE IT. I find myself wanting to watch more episodes than available. I think the characters are the BEST kind of odd – and the fact that these crazy things happen but it stays true to a loving family is just endearing. I’m surprised more people aren’t obsessed.

#16 Tom Falco
@ 9:35 am

It is one of my favorite shows. I love the voices. The wife is my favorite.

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