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Dora the Explorer voice talent withdraws lawsuit

I reported last October that Caitlin Sanchez, the voice behind Dora the Explorer, sued Nickelodeon claiming the company forced her to sign an “unconscionable” contract. ABC News reports that the suit has withdrawn her lawsuit.

Sanchez also claimed that reps from the network had promised her substantial compensation from merchandising and residuals, but later cut her out and underpaid her for her work.

The dispute got ugly, with Balestriere threatening to reveal embarrassing details about Nickelodeon. Since then, the dispute has grown more quiet until Friday.

“After discussion, the suit has been withdrawn,” says David Bittler, a spokesperson for Nickelodeon. “We have always felt, and continue to feel, that Caitlin is a very talented performer. Our intention was always that Caitlin complete the episodes on which she worked and we are pleased that she has agreed to do so.”

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