Rob Tornoe rolls out first issue of Punchline

Editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe’s goal of publishing a humor magazine is finally coming off the press. Back in May when the endeavor was announced, Rob wrote:

People are quick to point out that with the internet, they can read everything they want on their glowing, irritating computer screen. And for the newspapers it makes sense, since newspapers only seem to want to print yesterdays news and sell it to you tomorrow, while cutting all the cool stuff everyone loves in order to save a buck.

But we?re not newspapers. We know what people love, so we?ve packaged all the great humor and comics that used to fill most publications, paired it with some great coverage of the often-overlooked arts and cultural scene in Northern Delaware, and that?s our recipe for success.

The first edition is now available for online viewing. It appears to have a healthy dose of both humor writing, cartoons and advertising.

Best of luck, Rob.

14 thoughts on “Rob Tornoe rolls out first issue of Punchline

  1. Looks like a very cool publication. Too bad I can only look it over on my “glowing, irritating computer screen.” Print subscriptions not available I guess?

  2. @Allan HA! For now, it’s only available in print locally here in Delaware. We’re working on maybe launching a national version that would be subscription, but we need to crunch the numbers to see if it’s viable.

    I’ll keep you posted. Sorry about your eyeballs 🙂

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