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Norm Feuti celebrates 5 years of Retail and launches new site

Norm Feuti, creator of the syndicated strip Retail, is celebrating his five year mark. Norm has also launched new website for his comic. The new website runs the strip daily and has a full archive going back to the beginning.

Congrats, Norm.

Community Comments

#1 Dan Thompson
@ 10:58 am

Congrats, Norm! Retail is a really great comic strip!

#2 Scott Nickel
@ 12:27 pm

Five years? Awesome! Here’s to the next five (and ten, and twenty!)

Congrats, Norm!

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 12:32 pm

Congrats, Norm!

#4 Dan Olson
@ 5:55 pm

Isn’t this a tad premature? “Retail” started on 2006/01/01 so we have a couple of months yet. Of course maybe Mr. Feuti just wants to make sure we don’t forget to get a present.

In any case this is a strip that almost always delivers and I look forward to each day.

#5 Norm Feuti
@ 5:19 am

Thanks, everyone!

#6 Alex Hallatt
@ 4:06 pm

Smart and stylish, as for all his work.

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