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Jim Davis running ‘U.S. Acres’ on

In a USA Today interview, Jim Davis mentioned that his short run comic U.S Acres is now running on U.S. Acres ran from March of 1986 through May of 1989 and features a group of barnyard animals. An animated TV show Garfield and Friends was based on characters from U.S. Acres.

Looking through the online archive, it appears that the feature began to be posted online on August 1.

Community Comments

#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:54 am

I loved U.S. Acres when I was a kid.

#2 Mike Cope
@ 11:02 am

Ditto, Lucas! Though up here in Canada, the strip was called “Orson’s Farm.”

Go figure :)

#3 frank white
@ 11:44 am

Mike, it was called Orson’s farm here in the UK too. I have some US reprint books with the US Acres name on them…personaly I think as the name Orson, conjures up the pun Orse’n’Cart that the Orson’s farm title was a stronger one….just funnier in a way, that’s all.

#4 Scott Kurtz
@ 11:54 am

That website is unnavigable. You can barely find the comic on it.

What a wasted opportunity.

I smell a PvP blog post coming.

#5 Zoë Kirk-Robinson
@ 2:36 pm

@Scott You can smell through time now? What did you do to develop that power? Snort a thousand Sinex then getting struck by lightning at midnight on a full moon?

#6 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 2:38 pm

I’d say it’s more distracting than unnavigable.

#7 Brett Koth
@ 5:05 pm

What a kick to see these again! Egad…am I really that old?

#8 John Read
@ 7:12 am

Forget U.S. Acres. I wanna see Mr. Potato Head!

#9 Charles Brubaker
@ 11:51 am

The strip gets really funny as time goes by.

The animated version got funnier too when they decided to scrap the musical aspect of it.

#10 Tom Sexton
@ 6:42 am

There’s really too much going on on that site. A lot of clutter and no real color theme.

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