Jim Davis running ‘U.S. Acres’ on Garfield.com

In a USA Today interview, Jim Davis mentioned that his short run comic U.S Acres is now running on Garfield.com. U.S. Acres ran from March of 1986 through May of 1989 and features a group of barnyard animals. An animated TV show Garfield and Friends was based on characters from U.S. Acres.

Looking through the online archive, it appears that the feature began to be posted online on August 1.

10 thoughts on “Jim Davis running ‘U.S. Acres’ on Garfield.com

  1. Mike, it was called Orson’s farm here in the UK too. I have some US reprint books with the US Acres name on them…personaly I think as the name Orson, conjures up the pun Orse’n’Cart that the Orson’s farm title was a stronger one….just funnier in a way, that’s all.

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