Video: Steve Breen discusses his BP Oil cartoons

Perhaps no other cartoon since Mike Luckovich’s “WHY?” cartoon has an editorial cartoon received so much press (Delona’s chimp cartoon is perhaps the only exception). The San Diego Union-Tribute has posted a video of Steve Breen discussing his BP oil spill cartoons using actual oil from the spill.

Here it is:

Hat tip to Rob Tornoe.

11 thoughts on “Video: Steve Breen discusses his BP Oil cartoons

  1. Great stuff-
    I was half expecting to see the oil being brushed on with
    a quill from a pelican killed by the spill
    He’s upped the ante. I’ll now have to do a cartoon on the contaminated eggs with actual bad egg yoke.

  2. At 3:14 am local Afghanistan time, Mssrs. Bors and Cloud were awakened in Herat by the sound of fiery explosions, screaming women, and a barking dog. I awoke later. We rushed outside to find the casualties of a Predator drone strike against the Al Qaeda Bar and Grill, our favorite local eatery. We immediately ran back to our rooms, filled our ink bottles with the blood of the dead, the dying, and random passersby. Also the dog. And mixed it with Bors’ diarrhea.

    Look for our soon-to-be-prizewinning cartoons on an Internet near you.

  3. Afghanistan is soooo last year.

    Now if you built a Christian community center with a Baptist church in it next to some of those dead people, you’d be a hero.

  4. Was that a video on using oil in editorial cartoons or an attempt to make me feel outdated for skecthing on paper with pencils?

    Nice I-Pad Douche…

  5. I give Steve Breen points for initiative and innovation in doing these cartoons, plus the sepia tones make for beautiful drawings.

  6. Being a nice guy hasn’t seemed to be detrimental to Steve Breen.
    He’s won two Pulitzers and I won’t be surprised if he wins a third for these- I don’t know which I like better, the Statue of Liberty or the fist .

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