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Starting today, is featuring the new comic by Guy Gilchrist called Today’s Dogg. Guy launched the strip earlier this spring as an online feature and has since placed it in The Houston County Courier. He also uses the strip to raise money and awareness for grassroots humane services.

Community Comments

#1 Jason Nocera
@ 9:06 am

Nice going, Guy, congrats!

#2 Scott Lincoln
@ 9:59 am

Congratulations Guy! I know I think of “Buddy” when I read them.

#3 Rick Stromoski
@ 10:18 am

I think of Bucky when I read them.

#4 Stephen Beals
@ 11:12 am

I could look at the artwork all day. Beautiful.

#5 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 11:51 am

Congratulations, Guy!!

#6 mike witmer
@ 2:02 pm

Very cool!

#7 Garey Mckee
@ 5:49 pm

Very good news. Today’s Dogg is not only a great panel, but also has an important mission behind it in promoting responsible animal care and support of humane services. I’ve been a fan since it premiered.

#8 Chris Fournier
@ 8:33 am

Congrats Guy. From what I’ve read it looks like a great panel.

On another note has anyone checked out Guy’s video “Jim Beam Me Up, Scotty” on Youtube? Mike Cope and Guy worked on this together.

Great artwork and a funny song.

#9 David Jones
@ 2:27 pm

A true talent! I’ve been following Guy’s Today’s Dog fOr some time now. Nice work and CONGRATS!!!

#10 Guy Gilchrist
@ 6:49 pm

Thank you, Alan, for recognizing the panel, and thank you to all of you for your kind words of encouragement. It’s great to see Jason and Scott here, from my old cartoon Academy days!
I started Today’s Dogg in January on FaceBook, and it’s been a joy to do. My friends ( and they truly are friends after working with United since 1987),started running it this week, and hopefully we can build an audience. I don’t even try to pretend to know if some piece of work will sell, in music or art, but I just do the best work I can. We have some neat videos, speaking of Mike and my video for my Jim Beam Me Up, Scotty song,(Mike Cope is just amazing, artwise, animation, as a human being) that have been being done for a DVD eventually,and that will be part of a book being published by a brand new division of a company called FastPencil, a company that started out as a company like Lulu, that made books on demand, and wanted to expand into more traditional ways of publishing.They approached me a couple months ago about being one of the first books in a new line. The videos can be seen on my Today’s Dog By Guy Gilchrist FaceBook, or by looking up my YouTube channel, Guy Gilchrist Music.
The videos will be linked in the ebooks sold through ITunes, Kindle, and all those platforms. I am finishing the book right now. Thank you too for recognizing the “heart” behind it. Everyone in the “Today’s Dogg” family(webmaster, video maker, colorist, agent, me) is on a regular basis involved in animal adoption, rescue and all kinds of humane services. I know so many of you are too. At the grassroots level especially, so the companies that are getting involved with the feature are all making terrific and optimistic commitments to these causes. It’s taken a while to find folks who wanted to build that kind of business model.As we hopefully build this, and as I said, I really don’t pretend to know what works, I just try hard, we might help do something special. My job is to draw and write something you’ll like. Again, thanks from Nashville!

#11 Mike Cope
@ 7:23 pm

Guy, congrats on being picked up by! Been enjoying Today’s Dogg everyday on Facebook … Look forward to seeing it now delivered via email!

And an “awe shucks” to both you and Mr. Fournier … Today had some ups and downs … this was a nice up … thanks :)

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