AAEC convention notes: Friday

Friday’s Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention started off with an panel of cartoonists from the Middle East who shared with the group some of the challenges and success in being a cartoonist in the Middle East.

Jeff Danziger and Jack Ohman

Jeff Danziger was the next presenter who was interviewed by Jack Ohman on his early career. Jeff presented a portfolio of his cartoons and commented on their impact.

Frank Swoboda and Harry Katz next spoke on the Herb Block Foundation’s efforts both in and outside of cartooning. Frank was pretty blunt when talking about how the future of editorial cartooning probably will not be in staff cartooning. The foundation is updating its rules for qualifications to allow individuals such as Mark Fiore to compete for the award.

The last session of the day was a presentation by Cristian Fleming, Anita Austin and JP Trostle on the changes to the AAEC website. The changes at this point are cosmetic but new features are planned in the future.

L-R: Jeff Danziger, Mark Fiore, David Horsey, Caroline Dijckmeester (vjmovement.com)

Later in the evening, the open-to-the-public reception and exhibit was held. AAEC members submitted editorial cartoons on the topic of urban planning for the gallery.

Also that evening was the Cartoonists Rights Network International Reception. Subjects included the disappearance of cartoonist and columnist Prageeth Eknaligoda who was abducted last August in Sri Lanka.

One thought on “AAEC convention notes: Friday

  1. Sorry to have missed the opportunity to attend the open-to-the-public portion of your convention. From your “Notes” I gather the event was interesting and productive.
    Had hoped to thank Pres.Rex Babin and Editor J.P.Trostle personally for their help towards securing a commemorative stamp for the First Pulitzer Prize Winner (for editorial cartoonist) Rollin Kirby.
    Happy to report that many letters/cards have been sent to the Citizens’s Stamp Advisory Committee
    U.S. Stamp Service
    1753 N. Lynn St., Suite 5013
    Arlington, VA 222089-6432
    However, here is much competition for a stamp, We will appreciate help from active professional editorial cartoonists.
    My web: http://archivedpaper.blogspot.com/

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