Soup to Nutz celebrates ten years in syndication

Rick Stromoski is celebrating 10 years in syndication with his comic strip Soup to Nutz.

Soup to Nutz features a family that is a far cry from the Cleavers, the Waltons or the Bradys. But you’ll undoubtedly recognize them anyway. Most likely, they’re a lot like the family you grew up in … where the battle for the last chicken leg is comparable to the Battle of Bull Run, sibling rivalry is an understatement, and family values usually refers to a coupon book.

The strip stars hard-working Roy Nutz, his loving wife Pat, and their battling brood – sons Roy-boy and Andrew, daughter Babs and rambunctious dog Rosco.

Thinking up storylines involving hilarious family antics and fighting siblings aren’t much of a stretch for Stromoski, who, as the seventh of 12 children, only needs to draw on his own upbringing for inspiration.

Regarding the anniversary, Rick says:

For the past decade, I have been fortunate to be able to do what I love…to draw silly pictures of my childhood while sitting at home in my underpants, eating donuts

15 thoughts on “Soup to Nutz celebrates ten years in syndication

  1. Congratulations, Rick! Still wish you’d feature that liar character more. What was his name?

  2. Congratulations Rick! I raise my glass to you, and wish for you at least another 10 plus!

  3. Congratulations Rick! As a reader I have enjoyed your comic immensely. I think my all time favorite is one that came out this past December, just before Christmas. Andrew is praying for a pony. On Christmas morning, he only gets a stuffed pony, but he is ecstatic! The true spirit of Christmas. Heres to another ten years.

  4. Little known fact: Rick draws the comic strip in his underpants, which is how he came about its name, Soup to Nuts.

    Congrats on 10 years, Rick!

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