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Jules Feiffer memoir to hit bookstores on Tuesday

From USA Today:

In his studio, a converted bedroom in his four-bedroom Manhattan apartment, Feiffer calls his illustrated book (more text than cartoons) a “cautionary tale” about “getting rejected and slapped in the face by the powers-that-be.”

As he writes: “Success is nothing to sneeze at, but failure, too, offers great possibilities. And always remember, do not let your judges define you.”

Book is available next Tuesday. Order it now from Amazon.

Community Comments

@ 10:03 am

Looking forward to reading it. It should be good.

#2 Ted Rall
@ 10:54 am

I can’t wait to read it. If you hate me, blame Feiffer?he made me want to draw cartoons.

#3 Stephen Beals
@ 11:20 am

I can’t wait to read it, either.

Something tells me that Barnes and Noble will not have it sitting on a shelf ready to buy. I can never guess what they’ll actually stock in the store. I’ll have to order it.

#4 Dave Stephens
@ 1:29 pm

Feiffer was originally an assistant to Will Eisner in the late 40’s on “The Spirit”, but Eisner gave him his own strip, “Clifford,” and he’s been producing phenomenal and ground-breaking work ever since. His unique style (the first I noticed after Charles Shulz) is both loose and tight simultaneously, epitomizing the “New York Style” – I’ll definitely be picking up a copy. It’s always great news when a legend steps up!

#5 Stephen Beals
@ 1:50 pm

It seems like Denis Kitchen reprinted some Clifford when he was printing The Spirit. I remember being shocked that it was Feiffer stuff because I was so used to his later work.

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