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Stan Lee to create comic book staring himself

Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee is working on a new series called “Super Seven.” The story resolves around seven stranded aliens on earth who are befriended by Stan.

"Super Seven" is to be introduced as a comic book and an animated series in the fall of 2010. Lee's POW! Entertainment is working with Archie Comics, whose franchises include "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", and Los Angeles-based multimedia brand company A Squared Entertainment on the project which will also have a digital component.

Community Comments

#1 Dustin Parker
@ 4:44 pm

Oh that Stan.

#2 Chad Welch
@ 8:08 pm

Why is it every time I read a press release involving Stan Lee, I start out hopeful and end up punching myself multiple times in the crotch by the end? And didn’t Stan already use the alliteration gimmick with Fantastic Four?

Superhero comic book writer and creator Stan Lee befriends super-powered aliens marooned on earth? Yeah, there’s no ego there.

*punches himself in the crotch*

#3 Stephen Beals
@ 9:56 pm

Digressing from Stan Lee to crotch punching, that’s one of those fetishes that I never would’ve thought of in a million years. Then the internet came along and the web gave them a voice.

Back to Stan, there’s something cool about a guy in his 80s still active like that. He certainly doesn’t just sit around.

At least it’s not Strippella.

My grandpa did crosswords.

#4 Steal This Webcomic
@ 8:46 am

I can’t wait for the movie!

(Where’s that sarcasm button again?)

#5 R Pyle
@ 10:09 am

Wait a minute…

“Stan Lee to create comic book staring himself”

Why is Stan staring at himself?

#6 Meredith Randazzo
@ 2:14 pm

If you can count turning himself into a fictional character, Stan already did this in the manga collaboration with Hiroyuki Takei, “Ultimo.” The character Dr. Dunstan bears a remarkable resemblance to Stan (except perhaps the muscular build) and comes complete with a spider tattoo, if you can believe it.

#7 Jermaine Thomas
@ 6:23 am

Hey, I have blasting information Andy Heyward’s recently launched A Squared Entertainment and Archie Comics have partnered with Stan Lee for a multimedia comic book property, “Superb na”
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