Shoe character to be arrested this Sunday

This Sunday, Perfesser Cosmo Fishhawk, chief reporter for TheTreetops-Tattler, will be arrested for refusing to reveal the source of his shocking story about the true identity of Bo, the White House dog. The story-line plays off a story that ran on the comic’s companion website, The Treetops-Tattler.

From their press release:

In the SHOE comic, which is distributed internationally by King Features Syndicate, The Treetops-Tattler and its new media presence are overseen by editor P. Martin Shoemaker, the grouchy, cigar-chomping newspaperbird, nicknamed “Shoe.” The overeducated but underachieving Perfesser Cosmo Fishhawk is the reporter and columnist for The Treetops-Tattler and its website, providing readers with his unique perspective on world events. Shoe and Cosmo are supported by Loon, the Gofer for The Treetops-Tattler, who has also been, among other things, a sky-writer, a country and western singer, newspaper delivery guy and a mailroom geek.

Created in 1977 by Jeff MacNelly, The Treetops-Tattler has steadfastly upheld its mission to “never let the facts interfere with a good story.” In addition to providing breaking news and commentary, the new website also features:

  • Editorial cartoons from some of the greats in the business, including Mike Peters, Tony Auth and graphic opinions from “The Best and the Wittiest” at King Features
  • “Bad Reporter” by Don Asmussen, offers a totally different kind of editorial cartoon quite in tune with The Tattler’s direction and focusing on today’s headlines
  • The Tattler’s favorite YouTube videos,
  • “Cosmic Clippings” by Madam Zoo Doo
  • An iPhone app
  • A SHOE store offers archival reproductions, T-shirts and other goodies