NCS members visit USS Bonhomme Richard

Several members of the National Cartoonist Society boarded the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard to spend a day drawing cartoons for service men returning from pre-deployment certification exercises. Cartoonists in the group included Jeffrey Bacon (a retired Navy captain and the creator of the Navy Times’ Broadside and Marine Corps Times’ Greenside.), Chad Carpenter, Greg Evans, Jeff Keane, Mason Mastroianni and Michael Ramirez.

Here’s video of the guys on the trip:

2 thoughts on “NCS members visit USS Bonhomme Richard

  1. Gentlemen, thank you for taking time away from your jobs and bringing much needed relief to our military personnel.

  2. There were actually eight cartoonists who flew aboard USS BONHOMME RICHARD: Jeff Keane, Greg Evans, Michael Ramirez, Chad Carpenter, Mason Mastroianni, Bruce Higdon, Stephen Silver, and Jeff Bacon. (The Navy article failed to mention Bruce and Stephen.) The group also visited wounded troops at the Naval Hospital in San Diego, and veterans at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla.

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