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Cartoon industry needs a boost? Open up a mall!

In an effort to revitalize China’s animation industry, a cartoon-themed shopping mall, entertainment and creative center will open in Shanghai.

The aim is to employ savvy merchandising to create a craving for Chinese cartoons – old standards like the Monkey King and new ones like the “The Magic Aster,” “McDull Kung Fu” (about a kung fu piglet) and “Pleasant Goat and Big, Big Wolf.”

Community Comments

#1 Eddie Pittman
@ 1:03 am

Ah, how could anyone forget classics like the Monkey King! I remember waking up early every Saturday morning eating Cap’n Kung Pao with Crunch Berries straight out of the box and watching that monkey for hours! Good memories!

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 3:55 pm

It didn’t work well as a long term solution for Disney with their Disney Stores. I think most of them are Build-A-Bear workshops now!

#3 Mike Peterson
@ 8:26 pm

“Monkey King” is a character in Buddhist culture, a shape-shifting trickster whose adventures and misadventures are used to illustrate various moral points, like similar characters in other folklore (coyote, ananzi, etc.) Seems like a good source for animated cartoons, like Robin Hood or Brer Rabbit.

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