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News Briefs for June 8, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» Daryl Cagle will moderate a panel of editorial cartoonists again this year at the San Diego ComicCon. Pat Oliphant will be there.

» Mike Lynch as an excellent review of Draper Hill’s career. Draper passed away two weeks ago. He was the editorial cartoonist for the Detroit News.


» Todd Dolce interviews Molly and the Bear creator Bob Scott.


» Nickelodeon Magazine Group plans to fold its Nick and Nick Jr. at the end of this year citing challenges in the magazine industry right now.

Community Comments

#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 1:13 pm

Great interview, Bob.
Anyone who isn’t reading “Molly and the Bear,” should be.

#2 Jason Nocera
@ 8:23 am

I’ll have to disagree, Lucas, based on the samples in that interview. In my opinion, that strip helps prove that great art doesn’t help weak writing. Every joke was the same. A big bear’s a coward. We get it.

#3 Bob Scott
@ 9:03 am

Hi Jason,

I appreciate your thoughts on my strip. I agree that the samples that accompany my interview may be one note. You’ve made a valid point. I hope that you’ll give it a second try and read some of the archives over at Sherpa. Hopefully you’ll find the characters more 3 dimensional.

By the way, I checked out your site.” Buddy and Hopkins” is well done. Good job! I want to read more!

#4 Doug Frankel
@ 11:08 am

I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed the retro-sweetness and strong thematic characters in this strip. It’s a throw-back, but in a good way! I want to read more!


#5 Jason Nocera
@ 7:17 am

Hi Bob – thanks for the invite. While I stick to my impression of your strip, I apologize for the way I presented my critique. Rereading my post, I realize it comes across a bit rude. I will definitely check in on your strip from time to time to see the directions you take it. Best of luck.

#6 David
@ 8:36 pm

I love Molly and the Bear! I was so happy to find this interview. I love the art and the writing is hysterical!

#7 A. Bensen
@ 12:36 pm

Oh my God! I love Molly and the Bear. Thanks for posting about the interview!

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