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Pixar’s UP takes in $68M opening weekend

Pixar’s latest release, UP, took in $68 million according to the New York Times. The Upcoming Pixar blog says that make’s it Pixars 3rd best release behind The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. In related news, UP’s opening short film “Partly Cloudy” can already be purchased on iTunes for $1.99.

Have you seen UP? What were your thoughts?

Community Comments

#1 Dan Collins
@ 8:04 am

I think 68 K means thousand not million. Mil means million.

#2 Steve Skelton
@ 8:23 am

I saw Up in 3D with my kids yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic.I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

#3 Alan Gardner
@ 8:45 am

D’oh! Headline changed. Thanks for catching that.

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 9:10 am

The 3-D effects still seem gimmicky to me, about half-way through the movie, I took my 3-D glasses off and just watched it like that.

I loved the first twenty minutes….the story of Carl & Ellie was beautiful.

I loved “Partly Cloudy” and I’m downloading it right now. Thanks for the tip, Alan!

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