Mallard Fillmore celebrates 15 year anniversary

Bruce Tinsley’s Mallard Fillmore is celebrating 15 years in syndication. To commemorate, King Features is launchng a “political retrospective featuring 15 iconic strips that highlight the political landscape over the years as seen through mallard’s unique perspective.” The feature runs today through June 10.

Making appearances as caricatures in the anniversary series, President Obama congratulates Mallard on celebrating his 15th anniversary, sniping that even though he’s only been featured in the strip for a couple of years, “it seems like longer;” Joe Biden unfortunately can’t tell Mallard what he really thinks of him, “until the President says I’m allowed to talk to the public again;” and to help celebrate the anniversary, Nancy Pelosi invites Mallard to her “posh Congressional office…for a free waterboarding.”

In addition to the anniversary series, a political retrospective featuring some of the iconic moments from Mallard Fillmore over the last 15 years will be available on King Features’ website, throughout the month of June, highlighting the political landscape over the years as seen through Mallard’s unique perspective.

14 thoughts on “Mallard Fillmore celebrates 15 year anniversary

  1. “Joe Biden unfortunately canâ??t tell Mallard what he really thinks of him, â??until the President says Iâ??m allowed to talk to the public again;â?”


    Gratz to Mallard Fillmore. It’s one of the few syndicated comics from the other side of aisle and I enjoy seeing their take on things.

  2. Happy 15th. birthday, Mallard Filmore. Sorry the strip isn’t in a Chicago newspaper currently (though the Chicago Sun-Times carried it for a year from 1994-1995).

  3. Thanks for 15 years of smiles and laughs !!! Here is to, at least, 15 more

  4. As a uber rightwing troll, I am happy that ‘Mallard’ attempts to balance the scale a bit. Althought it isn’t my favorite strip by a long shot, I do occassionally read it. Frankly, it isn’t any less or more humorous than ‘Doonesbury’.
    But regardless, any ‘toonist who can reach 15 years, politics aside, deserves praise indeed.

    Even ‘Bloom County’ and ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ didn’t reach that many!


  5. Dear Mr. Tinsley:

    Thank you for feeding and sheltering Mallard. He’s infintely more interesting than Donald. I like the New York Post but really LOVE Mallard. A story about an old actress named Beatrice Lilly said a pigeon blundered through an open window in her room and she remarked, looking up brightly, “Any messages?” We sure as heck love hearing Mallard’s messages! (And I lived in NYC for 35 years, so I’m not fond of pigeons. I consider them rats with wings.) Please keep thinking and drawing!

    Bea — a loyal fan

  6. I am so sick of mallard fillmores’ racist cartoons.Not everyone who reads comics is racist and not everyone finds his cartoons funny! Is Tinsley really that racist?If so, I feel sorry for him.To me,all racisim is,is ignorance and fear.He needs to lighten up on our new President! And he also needs to find some other way to amuse himself instead of putting down other people.Shame on him!

  7. If a white man speaks ill of a black president…
    If a black man speaks ill of a white president…
    If a mixed race man speaks ill of a mixed race president…

    Which one is a racist?

    How about none of ’em? I’m gonna go with none.

  8. Mallard Fillmore Cartoon is the Begining to my day ; he tells it like it is ;Keep on Keepping on Mallard ; Love your Cartoons ! To the Youngster that is Pondering Racism ; God Made Us different for a Reason ; that is his own ; the way we deal with it is what makes us who we are ; We are all Racist to some degree ; but mostly it has nothing to do with Race or Color it is the Heart ; Mind set ; and actions that causes the Knee Jerks ;of Racism . We are Free to do as we see fit ; as long as what we do does not Harm our Neighbors . Nor should their actions take away from our Freedoms ! Maybe that is why there are dividing lines down the center of most streets ! Do Not let your Dog poop in my yard .

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