News Briefs for May 11, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» Maryland resident Kerry G. Johnson is now doing editorial cartoons for the Muskegon Tribune in Michigan. In the past, he has drawn cartoons for the New Pittsburgh Courier and other African-American newspapers.


» Tall Tales Features Radio talks to Speed Bump creator Dave Coverly. Dave is up for Best Cartoonist at this year’s National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Award weekend.


» Brock Heasley’s SuperFogies hits its 200th strip; Mike Witmer’s Pinkerton hits 400; and Bridgett Spicer’s Squid Row makes it to 500.

4 thoughts on “News Briefs for May 11, 2009

  1. “Dave is up for Best Cartoonist at this yearâ??s National Cartoonist Societyâ??s Reuben Award weekend.”

    Dave is one of the 3 candidates nominated for The Reuben Award, which is “cartoonist of the year”. There is only one Reuben Award. The others are category awards for “best” (comic strip, syndicated panel, magazine cartoons, book illustration, etc.).

    I know it sounds like nitpicking to a lot of people, but I think it’s still important to understand just what the awards are.

  2. Thank you Gents…I’m hoping to post an interview with Stephan Pastis before the actual awards, too…it’s Reuben-riffic. It’s such a pleasure to be talking to these artists…Dave Coverly is like the 3rd nicest guy on the planet. (After the Dali Lama and this guy outside of Manchester.)

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