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SNL on how to save newspapers

I finally found a clip of Saturday Night Lives skit with various comic strip characters sitting around trying to save newspapers.

Not one of the funnier skits.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 10:00 pm

Peppermint Patty and Marci…

Oh, real original, guys. [/saracasm]

#2 Tom Gammill
@ 10:07 pm

Hey, it gets people talking about the comics, for that it’s a good sketch.

#3 Howard Tayler
@ 10:57 pm

The fascinating thing about this sketch, the really TELLING thing, is the intro. The sketch leads with newspaper headlines about newspapers failing. And to whom do the newspapers turn to save them? The comics.

Whether or not it’s accurate, whether or not it’s even POSSIBLE, it’s something the SNL writers felt would be a logical premise to their viewers.

Reduced: “Newspapers = Comics”

That’s SNL’s take, anyway. Fascinating.

#4 Jason Boneasaurus
@ 5:27 am

“We’re up against iPods and TV & the internet.”

What if… there was an iPod application that collected a sum of opt-in webcomics each morning from the internet and slowly scrolled through them, to light jazz music? You’d be able to read the funnies on your iPod/Blackberry no problem.

Or does something like this already exist?

#5 Chris Fournier
@ 10:33 am

I agree that the skit wasn’t that funny either but it did bring the issue of declining newspapers to the spotlight.

I was happy to see that they used the comics to do it. Maybe it will get people talking.

#6 Darryl Heine
@ 10:55 am

Since the video’s no longer on YouTube, maybe has it.

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