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More comic changes announced for funny pages

In addition to the announcements from the syndicates as to what features newspapers were picking to replace the outgoing Opus, the following papers have announced their changes:

The Tulsa World has picked up Mutts to run in the Sunday only slot vacated by Opus.

The Sacramento Bee is going to trial run Secret Asian Man and Candorville for Sundays. They’ve been running a poll to determine which feature to run in their daily section. Analog/mail-in ballots are still being counted, but online voting puts Zits ahead with 7,425 votes – a mere 500 vote lead over Luann. Almost 9,000 people voted online.

The outgoing Opus in The Day (New London, CT ) opens up two slots if I’m reading the article correctly. Pickles and F-Minus take the slot.

The Washington Post announced last week that they’ll run The Knight Life.

And on a non-Opus note, The Penagraph went out searching for a For Better Or For Worse replacement, but due to overwhelming support, they decided not to drop it. But, also due to overwhelming support, they’ve added Tundra, but to make room they had to drop The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee in both the dailies and Sundays. Foxtrot will take Edison Lee’s Sunday slot.

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