Comic page changes for the week

The newspaper market is ever changing these days. E&P is reporting that two papers in Texas have shrunk their comic selections down to one page. The Mineral Wells Index dropped Alley Oop, Soup to Nutz, Big Nate, Over the Hedge, and Monty. The Weatherford Democrat dropped Over the Hedge, Sam & Silo, and Monty. Both papers determined which features to keep or drop based on reader polls.

The Gazette of Cedar Rapids has already decided to drop For Better or For Worse. E&P editor Dave Astor contacted Universal Press to see how many papers have opted to drop the feature. Kathie Kerr, Assistant Vice President for Communications, said it was too early to tell what impact the change to new-runs will have on Lynn Johnston’s client list.

Last week, The Gainsville Sun picked up four new features: Frazz, The K Chronicles, Pearls Before Swine, and Get Fuzzy.

And finally The Jamestown Sun is asking for reader feedback on the comics that it runs.