Cartoonist at the Democratic Convention round up

» Rob Rogers tries to find protestor, but can only find disgruntled Hillary supporters.

» David Horsey explains why he isn’t attending this year’s convention. (h/t: Rob Tornoe)

» Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins writes of his experience covering his fourth convention.

» Denver locals Mike Keefe, Drew Litton and Ed Stein continue to post their cartoons.

» Jen Sorensen has posted photos of a few DNC related parties she attended.

It seems that remote coverage is in vogue this time around. I’m sure newspaper budgets are not what they used to be. In addition to Horsey’s comments on why he’s not attending the political conventions this year, Dan Wasserman has weighed in on his non-attendance.

UPDATE: I found where KAL is posting his sketches – go to the Economist’s “Kallery.”

UPDATE #2: Rob Tornoe is also remote blogging/cartooning the convention.