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Changes across the funny pages

Here’s around up of some of the changes that have been reported in the last two weeks on various paper’s comics pages.

The Gazette (Cedar Rapids IA) is running a comic survey. First one in 20 years.

Newcomer DeFlocked replaces The Buckets in The Free Press (London, Canada).

After 500+ votes, Pooch Cafe and Rex Morgan were dropped in favor of Pickles and Pearls Before Swine in the Sun Herald (Gulfport MS)

The News Herald (Panama City, FL) has brought back B.C. and Wizard of Id after readers wrote in and complained that they were dropped a month ago. As a result of the online voting for their poll, they’ve also picked up Pickles and Daddy’s Home. The dropped Baby Blues.

The Eugene Register Guard (Oregon) has ended it’s guest comic feature and has made Tundra its permanent pick. Bill Kellogg, Marketing Director for Tundra tells me that is just one of seven papers that have picked up Tundra. Others include The Journal-Gazette (IL), The Times-Courier (IL), The Moline Dispatch (IL), and The Rock Island Argus (IL), The Omineca Express (IL) The Caledonia Courier (IL) and The Eugene Register Guard. Tundra is set to begin on various dates in May and June.

Community Comments

#1 Krishna Sadasivam
@ 7:23 am

If the creator of Wizard of ID and B.C. is no longer, is the paper going to simply reprint the older strips?

#2 Pab Sungenis
@ 11:09 am

No, both strips have moved on to new artists and writers. Mason Mastroianni, who is Johnny Hart’s grandson, has taken over B.C., for example.

#3 Linc Paulsen
@ 7:28 pm

Isn’t it amazing how older readers don’t care about qualilty? They just know the names and complain that “their favorites” aren’t on “their comics page” anymore.

What’s disgusting is that the newspaper Editors are so spineless that they cave-in to these old farts….and the newspapers wonder why they are failing. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure that one out.

#4 mike crachiolo
@ 1:19 am

i am one of those old farts i do like the older strips and the newer ones as well, i am 60 years old and have been reading the comics for years i cant even begin to tell you how many strips i read if its funny or not only the reader can say, i may laugh at a comic and you dont get my point?

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