London Police Pull Down Oliphant Cartoon

Oliphant Gambling Poster

London Metropolitan police have removed an anti-gambling poster featuring an Pat Oliphant editorial cartoon depicting former President Bill Clinton. The poster, meant to warn of dangers of street gambling, were originally produced and hung by police officers in the Green Street Ward.

“The poster was intended to tackle the issue of illegal street gamblers in the Green Street area and had been printed as a result of concerns raised by local residents and business owners.

“Only five posters were produced over three months ago and have since been removed.

One thought on “London Police Pull Down Oliphant Cartoon

  1. The reporter calls Pat “Australian.” Is he still an Aussie national, and thus takin’ jobs away from us red-blooded, hard-workin’ ‘Murican cartoonists? %^)

    Also: The game Bill’s playing in the cartoon (which is one of my favorites by Oliphant) is a “shell game,” not a “three-card trick.”

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