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Sally Forth and Pearls Before Swine engage in new kind of cross-over (UPDATED, again)

Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis is know for his crossing over other comic strip characters and parodies of other strips. Today’s PBS brings in Ted Forth of Sally Forth asking the concierge of a hotel about finding a “date” as his wife is “homely and bland.” What may not be apparent is that Francesco Marciuliano and Craig Macintosh, knowing that Stephan was going to run this parody, purposefully placed Ted and Sally in a hotel in today’s strip. For those paying attention, it’s like finding out what happens after the first joke.

From Stephan:

i think this is an entirely new kind of crossover….one strip makes fun of another, and the parodied strip is done that day in such a way that it makes it look like the parody was a realistic possibility in the context of the parodied strip….it’s great, because i get to be edgy, the parodied strip stays clean, and anyone paying attention reads both strips and says, “how the hell did that just happen?”….

Nicely done, gentlemen.

UPDATE: I asked Stephan about how the collaboration, he says that after he drew the cartoon he contacted Ces (Francesco) and asked if he could place Ted and Sally in a hotel in their strip for that day. Ces went one step further and actually had Ted talk to a concierge out of ear shot of Sally.

UPDATE: Ces has posted the original email exchange between he and Stephan on getting this planned.

Community Comments

#1 josh shalek
@ 10:06 am

What a clever idea. It might have broken my brain if I had read the paper this morning without seeing this explanation first.

#2 Steve Sicula
@ 11:50 am

And was the dad from Baby Blues speaking to Rat the day before or was that just a coinkydink?

#3 Mark R. Engel
@ 12:12 pm

I thought that was the dad from Baby Blues also, but looking at yesterday’s strip, there was no rescindication of plot.

#4 Eric Burke
@ 9:03 pm

The Sally Forth strip would have been better if Ted was actually holding a bag as he talked to Sally or if Rat could be seen in the distant background at the desk. Go 100% into the crossover gag.

Cool idea, though. PBS and Get Fuzzy did this a few years back…

#5 Quint Nelson
@ 1:03 am

It’s great when comics’ creators do something out of the ordinary and keep the medium fresh for readers. Nice job to all!

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