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Fourth Watterson archived editorial cartoon posted

With the demise of the Cincinnati Post, Matt Tauber has gone through the microfilm archives and pulled out some of Bill Watterson’s editorial cartoons. So far he’s posted four of his cartoons: see first, second, third (this is a well known, circulated cartoon) and finally a fourth one as well.

Community Comments

#1 r stevens
@ 7:25 am

WHOA to the quality of that scan. Consider it saved for learning purposes!

#2 josh shalek
@ 8:59 am

Indeed. I’m glad they were saved in some form. Kind of reminds me of an archaeological dig, except the maker of the images is still alive and well!

I’ve always been intrigued by what Watterson’s editorial cartoons looked like. He always wrote about how bad they were, but seeing them for myself makes me realize what high standards he was working under. None of this stuff would have made the “Bad Cartoonist”, I imagine.

#3 Larry Levine
@ 8:59 am

Beautiful art/horrible reproductions! Hopefully Watterson has preserved the originals.

#4 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 1:01 pm

Wow — Fantastic that these are posted. Thanks Matt and Alan for bringing them to a Watterson fan’s attention!

#5 Chris Hardiman
@ 4:38 pm

These are great to see, although I must admit it is a little odd to see Watterson’s art outside of “Calvin and Hobbes.” I get the same feeling anytime I see one of the George Herriman editorial cartoons the Strippers Guide has been running on Saturdays…so odd to see his art style outside of “Krazy Kat.”

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