Four editorial cartoonists to speak at Columbia University (UPDATED)

Jimmy Margulies writes in to tell us that he and editorial cartoonists Matt Davies, M.E. Cohen and Adam Zyglis have been invited to speak at Columbia University by the Columbia Political Union. The union is a non-partisan organization to promote involvement in the political process and previous speakers have included Governor Howard Dean, Senator Orrin Hatch, Vice-President Al Gore, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and John McCain as well as other international political figures. The four cartoonist will speak on February 18th at 9pm. The format is loose and allows each cartoonist to discuss and show their cartoons with a Q and A follow up afterword.

UPDATED: I received a follow up email from Jimmy. He says that the location for this event has changed. It will now be on 616 Hamilton on the Columbia University campus in New York City.