Readers determine which cartoons to print

Regulars here have often read Wiley Miller assert that no other portion of the newspaper is selected by reader polls and so why should comic strips. Well, the news site (a news compilation site for The News, The Tribune, the Press Journal, the Jupiter Courier, and the Sebastian Sun) allows readers a daily vote on which editorial cartoon should appear in the newspaper.

Thanks Bill Jones for sending this to me.

4 thoughts on “Readers determine which cartoons to print

  1. Can they also offer a poll whether the editors there keep their job or not? Because that seems like the next likely choice to me.

    As with comic polls, why can’t editors just pick the content that goes into their newspapers?
    Why do they fall back on their readers to make these choices for them?
    Do they like making it a game?

    IF the syndicates are doing their job, and that’s a big IF, the would be CHARGED to publish those editorial cartoons on the website. Which means running this “poll” would cost them something. Which means there’s a likely chance they wouldn’t run the “poll.”

    Though, I do like the idea of the young whipper-snappers picking content on that darn high-tech information superhighway for the elderly and their out-of-date way of getting information…newspapers.

  2. Just when you think editors can’t get any lazier about cartoons, someone brings editorial stupidity to a whole new level. This is just astoundingly moronic on so many levels. Let’s just start at the beginning… if you have all these cartoons posted for readers to see, just what incentive to they have to see ONE of them in the paper? If there is anyone (especially editors) who still don’t get it, just substitute the word “cartoons” with “columns”. Do you think there are any editors who would think this was a good way of selecting which column to print?

    Gee, I wonder why newspapers are failing?

  3. Easily one of the most inane exercises in marketing (using the term loosely) since New Coke. They should select Pulitzers and other awards similarly.

  4. Mike, That makes sense. Everyone knows Pulitzers are determined by ANIMATED cartoons which can only be seen on the web.

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