Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano featured on Comics Coast to Coast

This weeks guest on the Comics Coast to Coast podcast is Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano.

This week Francesco Marciuliano mixes it up with us from a cell phone, on this very silly interview. ‘Ces is a very funny guy, and he lets us in on the legacy of Sally Forth and what it’s like from a writer’s perspective to collaborate with an artist on a strip.

6 thoughts on “Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano featured on Comics Coast to Coast

  1. Medium Large is a great comic strip. I don’t think Sally Forth gives Ces the best platform to do justice to his humorous writing ability.

    Ces’s voice sounds like Woody Allen! I’ll always have Woody Allen in my head now when I run across Ces’s work. Dang.

  2. That’s hilarious…as we were talking to him, I kept thinking “who does Ces sound like?” Luckily, his taste in women is far superior! And I agree…his stuff on “Sally Forth” is great and getting better all the time, but he’s obviously got a much deeper and cynical sense of the absurd, and I can’t wait to see more of it with his own stuff. His blogs are hilarious.

  3. Ces is hysterical. For laughs, that was their best interview yet, I thought he sounded a bit like ray romano.

  4. “Woody Allen,” “Ray Romano”…you guys are killing me. That aside, thank you very much for listening and for the kind words!

  5. heh francesco,

    you’re leaving us in the lurch here. what happened to sally’s husband’s relationship with his new friend and how i plays out with sally? come on now, finish what you started.


    a fan.

  6. Why in the world is Sally putting up with all this toxic attitude from her staff? There are lots of unemployed people out there who could do the job just as well – or even better – who would KILL for the opportunity. Tell ’em get with the program, or say “Hello” to Mr. Pink Slip!

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