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Editorial cartoonist’s car doused with used engine oil

Ouch. Aussie editorial cartoonist and comedian Jason Chatfield awoke to find that someone had dumped engine oil all over his white car.

Thanks J.D. for the heads up.

Community Comments

#1 Danny Burleson
@ 11:27 am

“So I did what any normal person would do. I did an Ace Ventura and stuck my head out the window as I drove around Perth in the freezing wind at 5:30am, looking for a car wash.”

That one made me laugh.

Man, did he draw a picture of Muhammad or something? Some kind of, “We got your foreign oil right here,” statement?

Or was it an auto shop suggestive sell gone wrong?: “Oil change and paint job? Come to Chucky’s Auto Repair, where if we don’t do it right the first time, we’ll act like it’s a new problem and charge you again!”

#2 Dawn Douglass
@ 12:17 pm

If he had drawn a picture Muhammed, it would more likely have been gasoline than oil. And they would have set it on fire. With him in it.

#3 Rick Stromoski
@ 2:48 pm

And if he was a pro-choice cartoonist, he would have been shot dead through his kitchen window by a christian lunatic.

#4 Alan Gardner
@ 3:39 pm

Out of bounds, Rick. That’s just plain inflammatory. Knock it off.

#5 Rick Stromoski
@ 5:33 pm

I’m apologize , I guess inflammatory statements should only be directed to the Muslim faith.

#6 Alan Gardner
@ 6:25 pm

Rick, I called you out because Christians (lunatic or otherwise) have no history of committing violent, deadly acts because of a cartoon which is the context of this post and comment thread. Dawn’s example leaves it up to the reader to infer who the arsonist/murder would be and with the recent events of the Danish Mohammad cartoon and the Swedish cartoonist now in hiding it’s not big leap of the imagination as to who could react to a cartoon in this way.

Where she tip toed right up to the line, you crossed it.

That said, I do apologize for telling you to “knock it off” – a bad day at the office doesn’t excuse such blunt language.

#7 Dawn Douglass
@ 6:26 pm

There is a world of difference between what I said and what you said, Rick.

How many cartoonists who have drawn pro-choice comics are in hiding for their lives? How many Christians have held violent riots across several countries that have left many people dead in response to offensive artistic depictions of Jesus or Mother Mary — like the scratch and sniff invitations of an unclothed Mother Mary that are inviting people to an exhibit of an anotomically correct Jesus cast in chocolate, currently being held in New York?

I think Alan was just reacting to your ever-present over-eagerness to bash the Christian faith. It does get tiresome.

#8 Dawn Douglass
@ 6:28 pm

Okay, Alan and I were writing responses at the same time.

Feel free to delete mine, if you want to, Alan.

How come times aren’t given for the comments? I see it’s just dates. Normally, the time is captured, too.

#9 Rick Stromoski
@ 7:00 pm

>>>I think Alan was just reacting to your ever-present over-eagerness to bash the Christian faith.

I think you may be mistaking my post as a bash against only the Christian faith , whereas my point was violence motivated by religion whether it’s instigated by a cartoon or a doctor terminating a pregnancy are pretty much equally offensive.

#10 Dawn Douglass
@ 7:10 pm

Okay then, let’s make it your ever-present over-eagerness to bash religion, period. Not to mention your common tendency to equate things that don’t conflate well. Like the way you’ve ignored the fact that a doctor terminating a pregnancy is itself a violence that hardly compares to a cartoonist drawing a picture.

But I’m not going to debate abortion or religion with you. Sorry.

#11 Alan Gardner
@ 9:02 pm

Oh boy. Okay, guys. Abortion is off limits for sure.

#12 John Walker
@ 9:38 pm

How dare you say Rick’s comment is inflammatory but not come down on Dawn equally?

A typical Christian, she’s as hateful and ignorant toward Muslims as ignorant hateful Muslims are toward Christians.

Shut down the debate, fine. Sad, but it’s your blog.

But take sides?


#13 Jason Chatfield
@ 10:23 pm

So, how bout that engine oil huh? Am I right?

Thanks for the comments guys. I didn’t end up getting the oil off completely; it’s still in all the cracks. But I did manage to find a car wash after a few hours. Sadly, they wouldn’t let me run it through the machine with, and I quote, “All that sh– on it”.

It’s a car wash. For washing cars. Go figure.

#14 Dawn Douglass
@ 10:29 pm

“A typical Christian, sheâ??s as hateful and ignorant toward Muslims as ignorant hateful Muslims are toward Christians.”

Oh, really? I challenge you to back that up with one ounce of evidence.

The team that built the beta for my startup company is in Pakistan and are all Muslims. I’ve paid them lots of money, more than our contract stipulated. I’ve worked to get them more clients. I insisted they take their holy days off. I’ve become friends with them.

How dare *you*?! You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. You’re stereotyping me based on what you think Christians are. You’re the one who is being prejudiced and hateful and showing your ignorance.

#15 Dawn Douglass
@ 10:33 pm

Jason, oil is an environmental hazard. They have to follow rules about what they can allow to go down their drains, as we all do.

Isn’t it agaist the law to pour oil into drainage and sewage systems where you are? It is here.

Have you talked to your insurance carrier and filed a claim?

#16 Alan Gardner
@ 10:34 pm

That does it. I’m through with this. Comment section closed.

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