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Matt Bors’ editorial cartoons get picked up by United Feature (UPDATED)

Beginning today, Matt Bors’ editorial cartoons are syndicated through United Feature Syndicate. Matt will produce three cartoons a week in color and black and white.

“Matt Bors is one of the most original and talented young cartoonists around,” said Ted Rall, Acquisition and Development Editor for United Media. “He infuses the traditional format of editorial cartooning with comic-strip structures and biting humor. Bors’ exciting work is helping to reinvigorate political graphic humor.”

As of this morning, I couldn’t see a link to his cartoons on, but you can see his stuff on his web site or follow his blog.

Matt is also frequent visitor commentator here on the Daily Cartoonist.

UPDATED: Here’s the link to Matt’s work on

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 8:23 am

I knew of this back in July, when Daryl Cagle told me at the Comic Con.

Best luck to Matt.

#2 kelly
@ 10:31 am

Wow! Way to go Matt! I knew you were gonna make it way back during the “Sherpa” days.

#3 Brad Hawkins
@ 2:02 pm

Congratulations, Matt! Way to go! First SpinZone member with a syndication deal! Of course, now that you’ve sold out, I don’t like you anymore… :)

#4 Matt Bors
@ 10:36 am

Thanks Everyone.

I’ve been trying to post something about this on my blog, but Blogger has been messed up.

#5 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 12:49 pm

Nicely done, Matt.

#6 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 9:47 am

I’ve received a couple of emails from folks who asked if I was being snarky about Matts messed up blog.

The answer is no. I was simply congratulating him on his syndication with United. Sorry for the miscommunication. Again, congratulations Matt.

#7 Charles Brubaker
@ 9:53 am

Jeez, you get letters for blog comments now?

Where has the world gone to?

#8 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:12 am

It’s all good — I was a little vague!

#9 dw
@ 7:59 pm

It’s always good to see a bigot find a home.

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