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Back from Seattle; Big Hearty Thanks to Brubaker, Slampyak and Spurgeon

I’m back from a wonderful time in Seattle. The highlight was a two day trip to the San Juan Islands (without the kids!) and an incredible up close encounter with Orca whales (AKA Killer Whales) during a sea kayaking excursion. That area of Washington state is incredible.

A couple of cartoon related side items. While visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle, I passed by someone wearing a Tundra T-Shirt. The North-West is Tundra territory.

The San Juan Islands is a chain of islands that include Orcas Island in the upper north west of Washington State. On the ferry ride up to the island the naturalist mentioned that most of the islands were privately owned. That reminded me of a news item that I blogged about last year about Gary Larson helping an organization raise money to buy up land on Orcas Island to keep it from being developed as public land. I never found out what happened to that effort, but seeing those islands, I’d agree that they are worth preserving!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charles Brubaker, Ted Slampyak and Tom Spurgeon for their time and dedication in keeping this blog current while I was away. They posted some excellent news items that would have been otherwise been ignored on this blog. Thank you gentlemen.

I’ll be posting a few more things as the days goes on.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Slampyak
@ 10:24 am

Thank God you’re back! This was hard work! How do you do it? I had a hard time finding anything to post — luckily Tom and Charles picked up my slack and then some.

I was happy to help out what little I did, Alan, happier that you enjoyed your vacation, and happier still that you’re back.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 12:29 pm

LOL. Thanks Ted. It’s not as hard as it may have seemed. I remember the early days when I had to scramble to find something worthwhile to post, but now, my biggest challenge is find enough time to post everything that I want to blog about. I also have an advantage of having people emailing me news items. Thanks for your efforts! You did fine.

#3 Danny Burleson
@ 12:55 pm

Good to see you back, Alan. The others did a good job posting stuff while you were gone. You should keep them on as regulars *wink-wink*.

A small note though, as a Washington native who lives just across the water from Seattle, I must indicate how offended I am at your referring to “Pike Place Market” as “Pikes Place Market”, lol.

#4 Alan Gardner
@ 12:57 pm

Noted and corrected!

#5 Danny Burleson
@ 1:05 pm

Thanks! And hmm, I somehow missed the headline before, but how exactly does one pronounce “Seatte”?

#6 Ted Slampyak
@ 1:09 pm

Yeah, I didn’t want to be the one to point that out… LOL

#7 Danny Burleson
@ 1:17 pm

Sorry, part of my day job is regularly copy editing other people’s work, so it’s ingrained in my head. Which makes it extra embarrassing whenever I mistyp

#8 mark
@ 5:40 pm

Nevermind “Seatte,” however you pronounce it. I want to learn more about the “Killer Wales.” Are they anything like the “Fighting Irish?”

#9 Alan Gardner
@ 5:44 pm

Alright, alright. Typos fixed. Ted, your back on the job – at least you’re grammatically correct. :)

#10 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:53 pm

Good to see you back. I enjoyed guest blogging here.

#11 Eric Burke
@ 9:36 pm

We were even forced to take our shoes off at the door by our guest hosts!

Much like Leno, Letterman and Joan Rivers vied to be Johnny’s regular guest host(and then replacement), could we be witnessing a similar scenario?? Hmmmm…well done, peeps!

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