AAEC Convention Coverage: Can Their Profession Survive?

E&P editor Dave Astor is attending the AAEC convention in Washington D.C. and has filed a report about the session on the future of the editorial cartooning profession. His article focuses on things editorial cartoonists can do to halt the declining numbers of editorial cartoonists positions including:

  • speaking about the importance of their profession at editors’ conferences, educators’ conferences, journalism schools, and in classrooms
  • give awards to editors and publishers who appreciate political cartoons
  • commission a poll to show how popular editorial cartoons are with readers
  • cartoonists should meet with their editors and publishers and ask: “What can I do to help the newspaper?”
  • hire a public-relations person to help tout editorial cartooning
  • inform people how editorial cartoons have helped change legislation and zoning laws, and have helped improve the quality of life in a community
  • insist that their names be printed prominently when publications such as Newsweek reprint their work.

2 thoughts on “AAEC Convention Coverage: Can Their Profession Survive?

  1. The biggest cheers and applause were given to Signe Wilkinson’s idea of the AAEC recognizing the editors and publishers, like Fred Hiatt at the Washington Post, who have supported the industry through these financially-driven times.

    Personally I think it’s a fantastic idea, and if it gets editors and publishers even thinking about it, then it’s a good thing.

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