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Scott Stantis joins blogosphere

I’ve been subscribed to Scott Stantis’ RSS feed for a while now, so I was a bit embarrassed when a reader emailed me tell me about his blog and I realized I hadn’t even mentioned it yet. Scott, who is the editorial cartoonist for the Birmingham News has been posting his cartoons via the blog since mid-May. It looks like the blog also contains the cartoons that he does for USA Today.

Of updated the list of editorial cartoon bloggers on the right (of the screen, not political leanings) to include Scott.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 10:13 am

Stantis is one of my favorite cartoonists. Good to see him finally get a blog.

#2 Janessa Frisch
@ 12:36 pm

Mr. Stantis’s “Prickly City” seems to reflect a general disgust with the GOP lately. The message is getting mixed up as the GOP looks around more and notices “the people” aren’t following the “leaders.”

Prickly City is losing it’s way along with the GOP, lets get a little more commentary on what the GOP stands for and less about what they don’t.

#3 Mira Ress
@ 4:33 pm

I get the LA Times. In the cartoon section was Prickly City. Today (5/26/08) his cartoon was of a cemetery with all these crosses and it just said “Thank you”. I loved it – but there were no Jewish stars anywhere. There are alot of Jewish men and women who fought and are fighting for this country. I would hope that in this day and age we could honor ALL faiths. Thank you for your time. Mira Ress

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