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Garry Trudeau to keynote Goucher College commencement

Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau is scheduled to be the keynote commencement speaker at Goucher College
in Baltimore MD this May. While many students are excited for his arrival, the college understands there are many who don’t know who Garry is and will be launching a publicity campaign to promote Garry before his arrival.

Chris Iseli, Director of Communications, explained in an e-mail: “This is the first time we have ever considered the possibility of launching an internal publicity campaign to raise awareness about a speaker. But please be careful about what you read into that. It is true that Sandy [Ungar] was somewhat puzzled that some members of the senior class seemed to not really understand the significance of Garry Trudeau and his work, but the other equally important reason we’re thinking about ways to get his work out there is that we think it will be fun.”

Part of that campaign includes more of his book and posters at the bookstore and other public places.

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