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This weeks funny page changes (Updated, again)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is still trying to find a replacement for FoxTrot. These last two weeks they’ve been runnning Mark Tatulli’s Lio in tryout mode, but as the editor explains, “Most of the feedback I received was negative.” So Lio is out and Rich Stevens’ Diesel Sweeties is in.

The Courier-Journal has completed their first two week tryout period for Lio as well. Next up is Jim Borgman and Jerry ScottsZits.

UPDATE: I see that The Monitor has picked up Tony Carillo’s F-Minus.

UPDATE #2: The Concord Monitor has added Pearls Before Swine to their line up. They gave readers four choices of comics worth booting off the page (Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, Blondie and Shoe) and the feedback was bad news for Beetle Bailey. But, due to what I’d call the spinelessness of the editor, the paper is holding a run-off between the Beetle Bailey (the #1 voted to be retired) against Get Fuzzy (the second most popular of the new strips). I suspect the “winner” will indicate which age group has the more effective ‘get out the vote’ campaign.

Community Comments

#1 Jon
@ 11:53 am

That’s Stevens, not Stephens, by the way.

You can find Diesel Sweeties here.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 11:59 am

Yes. Rich already emailed me and pointed it out. It’s fixed.

#3 rstevens
@ 2:16 pm

Hooray! Thanks for the fix. Unless you can convince the whole world I am secretly Stephan Pastis, I’ll stick to being me.

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