AAEC to celebrate 50 year anniversary in Washington D.C.

Rob Rogers, the new AAEC president has announced on the associations web site that this year’s AAEC convention will be in Washington D.C. to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the organization’s existence.

Says Rob:

We chose D.C. because that’s where the AAEC’s first convention was held and it seemed like a great bookend for the 50th. Why the Fourth of July? Because editorial cartooning is the work of patriots, as Ben Franklin would remind us. Because every time we pick up a brush or a pen or a stylus we do our part to protect freedom, democracy and the American way. Oh, and because the hotel was cheaper that week.

Rob also mentions that part of his goals this year as the president is to reach out and re-activate editorial cartoonists that have not attended a convention in awhile.