Baldo cartoon helps nab two con-artists

A Hector Cantu and Carlos CastellanosBaldo cartoon is reported to may have helped a woman avoid a con-artist scam and catch the two con-artists.  In Woodland CA, a woman was walking out of Wal-Mart and was approached by a woman speaking in Spanish asking for help to find an address and explaining that she had been in an accident and needed to sell some diamonds. A second woman approached the two acting like she had overheard the conversation to ask questions.  The intended victim remembered news about this type of scam from a newspaper article or the Baldo cartoon and left the scene and reported it to authorities.

Daily Democrat Online – Cartoon helped stop crime:

In The Democrat a recent “Baldo” cartoon showed a similar scam. In the cartoon, which centers around the life of a Latino family, a grandmother is approached by a woman wanting to sell some valuables. A second person gets involved in the conversation as a ruse to set up the victim. However, in the cartoon a family member comes by, realizes what is happening and that scares off the con artists.

That recent cartoon series that Hector and Carlos produced was done back in March and involved a supposed lottery ticket.  The item of “value” is different from scam to scam, but it plays out much the same.

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