Peanuts on Ice exhibit begins at Schulz Museum

An exhibit entitled “Peanuts on Ice” has opened at the Schulz Museum.  This new exhibit opened yesterday and runs through January 15th of 2007.
The description from the web site:

Located in the Strip Gallery, Peanuts on Ice is comprised of 70 original strips that detail the Gangâ??s adventures and misadventures on ice.  These strips reflect Charles Schulzâ??s love of ice skating and hockey, revealing his intimate knowledge of both sports.  Two of his daughters, Amy and Jill, were professional ice skaters and performed in many ice shows at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena.  Schulzâ??s understanding of the sport is minutely detailed in a 29-day-long storyline in which Peppermint Patty prepares for an ice skating competition, with a typical Peanuts ending.

Snoopy takes on many roles in these strips: as Peppermint Patty and Marcieâ??s gruff, grumpy, no-nonsense ice skating coach; as a potential Olympian making his way to the 1968 games in Grenoble, France; and as Woodstockâ??s sidekick in Zamboni mayhem.  Meanwhile, Charlie Brownâ??s perennial problems always seem to follow him onto the ice: a 1993 series finds him flat on his back and unable to get up because he is so bundled up in winter clothes, though he is eventually â??rescuedâ? by Snoopyâ??if one could call it that!

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  1. Will the Peanuts on Ice 70 strips be published in a catalog or book for sale ? I would love to get one for the World Figure Skating Museum
    I was prviliged to meet Sparky in Oakland in 1969 at the North American Championships. He is from my late wife’s home town (St. Paul).

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