Lio begins 7 week run in Dallas Morning News

Mark Tatulli’s “Lio” will begin today in the Dallas Morning News and gets a write-up by the Morning News comic reporter, Mike Peters. Lio will run for seven weeks in the vacated spot left by Boondocks. Other comics will take their turn and then in September readers will be asked to vote on the final replacement.  The Morning News has also added “Lio“, “Brevity” and “Over the Hedge” on their online comics.

Regarding Lio, Mike quotes Mark:

“I picked up a pen and drew in a style that I haven’t drawn in for about 20 years,” Mr. Tatulli says. “I was always intrigued by the artwork of an obscure 19th century artist, A.J. Volck. He was a political satirist during the Civil War, a Southern sympathizer, and I was always so fascinated with his darkly detailed illustrations. Every time I looked at his spidery pen-and-ink drawings I found something new.

“And maybe because his politics were 180 degrees from my own, often depicting Abraham Lincoln as a demonic figure, I was repulsed but still appreciated the craft of his work. I wanted to capture something like that with Lio … art that immediately stirs an emotion, simply by pen technique, even before you know what the strip is about. I don’t know if I was successful, but I’m pleased with the results.”

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