GoGags soliciting more cartoonists for mobile phone deal

I received and email from Dawn Douglas, the founder of GoGags (not to be confused with Universal Press’ GoComics) who is wheeling and dealing to get more cartoonists to sign up for their mobile cartoon and “My Fridj” products.  These products allow any cartoonist to publish their cartoons on to mobile phones and take a generous percentage of the advertising and direct sales for each cartoon.

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Mike Luckovich’s cartoon on torture etiquette generates reader angst

On the heals of Steve Benson’s Haditha cartoon comes Mike Luckovich’s cartoon on torture etiquette that has generated 18,000 votes on an online poll (Mike’s cartoons usually generate only 1,000) according to Editor and Publisher.Public Editor Angela Tuck, in a column Saturday, took issue with its timing, and claimed the “symbolism clearly overshadowed the intent.” The cartoon showed a hooded figure holding an American flag while reading a book on torture etiquette to an al-Qaida member.Not by design, it appeared just above photos of two Americans killed by insurgents in Iraq this week, whose bodies were brutalized, probably after they died.Tuck wrote: “Luckovich had that brutality in mind when he drew the cartoon, which was meant to criticize U.S. military leaders for allowing torture tactics, such as waterboarding (making prisoners feel as though they are being drowned) at Guantanamo Bay….’

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Mike Shelton begins animation shorts

Mike Shelton, editorial cartoonist for the Orange County Register, began creating short animations last May and has now created five of them.  The animations are being done with co-worker Jocelyne Leger and the cartoons are also being distributed to other newspapers (as well as television) that belong to the same communication chain as the OC Register.Dave Astor has a much longer story detailing Mike’s work.

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