AAEC Convention round up

Several stories are pouring in about this year’s annual Association of American Editorial Cartoonist who are holding their convention in Denver this year.

From a Rocky Mountain News comes an editorial contrasting the difference between the way the America deal with cartoons that offend a religious group versus how Europe is shrinking free speech.

Dave Astor, from Editor and Publisher, has filed a related story in E&P about the heated debate regarding the roll of cartooning in free speech when it comes to topics of religions.

Dave has also filed a story about former U.S. Senator Gary Hart a speaker at the convention who spoke mostly of the Iraq war and how the media isn’t telling more of the impact of the war on the individuals who served in it.

And back to the Rocky Mountain News which has a story about Algerian political cartoonist Ali Dilam who was another speaker at the convention.

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