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New Manga offering to be be released in July

Tokyopop and Universal are rolling out another Manga feature according to E&P. This new comic is called “Van Von Hunter” – which has been around the internet for a while.

From Tokyopop’s web site, here is the description of “Van Von Hunter

It has been three years since the ‘final battle’ between a powerful Archmage and Van Von Hunter and his band of unlikely heroes decided the fate of the land of Dikay.

While they were narrowly saved from disaster, the outcome of the battle resulted in mass amnesia for the local populace. Fortunately, a neighboring land of goodness and righteousness, led by King Utmos, has annexed Dikay. Van Von Hunter, unaffected by the mass amnesia, has since been wandering the continent, looking for evil to smite. Having found virtually nothing of consequence, he has returned to his ancestral home to determine just what he should do with the rest of his life.

As luck would have it, upon arriving home, he finds out that the most terrible of ancient evils will befall Dikay, unless someone can stop it.

Universal will begin distribution on July 9.

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